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lirik lagu 1000 times – cryotic


felt you
helped you
blessed you
not your fault but now i hate you
hate you
hate you
hate you
hate you
hate you
hate you
hate you

felt you
helped you
blessed you
not your fault but now i hate you
or still love you, thats a question
all your words are suffocation
endless pain through conversations

k!lled that
healed that
built us
ask myself if i deserved that
pretty girl in love with h*llhound
demon prince but now i’m h*llbound
cut my head so i can lay down

she’s a demon girl playing with my mind
cutting up my body with a silver knife
brother told me that i should leave it all behind
i could listen but i prayed up to the sky

everyday my mind changes cause read our conversations
was it real love or my f*cked imagionation?
you’re my crimson red now my vision’s grey
don’t need zr1 if i won’t drive with her
writing over hundred songs bout that f*cked up love
that’s the only thing that really helps me tho
all day in my room but feel like i’m not home
no one’s in my bed so i can’t dream alone

girl, could you listen now
i’ve told you thousand times
but you don’t understand
how the time k!lls my heart, all my plans