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lirik lagu thought patterns #nosuckamcs4 – cryptive


this is no suckas no wack but still you provide that
so most of ya will go under your chance to win you euthanised that
they want it so bad they say it’s ‘do or die’ rap
but little do they know they’re in a suicide pact!
fuck you! and the rest of your teams
i’m deading these weak pathetic emcees
that are in desperate need of change like they’re homeless
are you b-tches getting it? see
i’m a devilish beast a head of your league
i feast on beats and i’m not letting you eat
i listen to your flows late at night
whenever i want to be getting some sleep
you puzzled me by saying you can fuck with me
plus i’m a hell raiser so you know that shit just summoned me!
i’m hunting these punk emcees that be thinking they are punking me
they can’t run from me i puncture a lung and then i munch a spleen, i’m hungry!
you ain’t dope i rearrange your inner thoughts like bullets
one shot’s all it takes to make or end it, the trigger you should try pull it!
or i could put a knife in your brain so you can have some peace in your mental
audiences picture your pain when i paint with your leaking pieces of mental!
ok it’s back to work kid
i’m crafting verses
this dudes ill yeah that’s the verdict
i’m gonna be fucking the world until i crack it’s cervix
i’m a savage wordsmith without blasting burners
these amateur kids, get m-ssacred quick
they’re actually worthless the only fucking use these b-tches have
is using them and every single one of their wack -ss verses to pack the furnace!
that’s the only way you’ll be fire, don’t you b-tches get it?
you ain’t sick clean bill of health you’ve never been infected
when i’m coming in on beats you better bring protection
i don’t care how old it is, i k!ll it right after it’s conception!
cos i’m right brained but not in my right mind
i’m monstrous when i get it cracking that’s whenever i write rhymes
my lyrical sniper scope is a basilisk anything in the sight dies
i’ve got infinite militant shit to spit you b-tches are just fine aight
i’m extreme with the axis you can’t hack it so why try?
i got bars you never see here you got a cane with red and white stripes
rappers write lines about how they moving rock like when christ died
me i move boulders to high heights with nothing more than my eye sight!
my booth is haunted if you heard whispers leave!
cos this dark entity makes devil worshippers flee!
when i murder emcees they get disturbed at the scene
serial arsonist beats i burn em for free!
there’s spot to fill in the top position no opposition
syllables i’m vomiting them i got a sickness when i’m on a rhythm
these novices think they hot with writtens cause no one was honest with them
i k!ll weak get a necromancer and talk with my “competition”
i’m on a mission to scorn rappers leaves jaws fractured
you b-tches need more practice i am the raw adverse
never falling to your standards i’m sicker than all cancers
and this tracks the canvas i blew my brain on so you can see my thought patterns!