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lirik lagu some other time – ctrl


i can’t believe
the things i’ve said or even done. i’d rather be
somewhere where i’m just someone, who never cared
about these scenes or played the part so insecure
just roll their eyes and fall apart

can’t you hear the calling
the calling outside your life
a chance to live, to live outside determined lines

break down the role
the role that holds defined
i guess i’ll see, i’ll see you all some other time

feel the motion
the change that leads us all aside
change the vision, from our eyes pretending not to hide

forget the feeling
the feeling turns us all astray
say good-bye, are all the words i wanna say

looking back
without regret or even thought. i did my part
to stop decay and find the cause
of slow dissent, into the dark outside the light;
they turn their backs, and god knows i’ve just turned mine