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lirik lagu 1017 freestyle (plain jane) – cua reaper


whatz hannin
i’m da youngest og outchea rappin
i waz mailin og out da vacuum
puttin my team on playz like a captain
n*ggas might az well call me big action
clips shoot a movie n da genre iz action
really itz horror cua slaughter
i can smell dat u p*ssy thru ur aura
i ain’t no rookie b*tch i’m from florida
i’m a hammerhead been jumped innat water
f*ckin ya b*tch she told me to record her
but i’m jus f*ckin i ain’t a reporter
i ain’t gon buck u let me take ya order
i done got big on n*ggas off a shortin
i done got huge on n*ggas off extortion
if i nut innat lil hoe we aborting
i’m collecting every month like a mortgage
i a fill a n*gga up like he storage
i can f*ck a million hoez when i’m h*rny
i jus f*ck em dey kno dey ain’t important
i alwayz get da las shot like i’m jordan
i a get to spazz out when i’m scoring
feel i cain’t neva pass out like i’m kobe
since he died i been tryna stay golden
before dat i been smokin dat purple
green crack turn a n*gga to urkel
big trap n*gga how can i serve u
realest rap n*gga yea i’m a soulja