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lirik lagu 50 cent cosign – curly savv x dah dah


like you know what i’m saying
i looked at them cause i watched these kids
from- just being on youtube clips(hmm)
like in-in the neighborhood rapping (rii)
and just-i’m into it-i like it
cause of the raw element (hmm)
like there’s like-i got a record rii now
i’ll play it for so ya can pause this
and hear this
these kids in new york city
like 16 year or younger
curly savv
you know what i’m saying
this kid dahdah
and like- you bout to sign them ?
i like them
i might do some with them (hmm)
but yeah they got some-real good music
you know what i’m saying
for li-young- for young
sixteen seventeen year old kids