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lirik lagu 17.5 cannons – curren$y


[verse 1: curren$y]
jets n-gg-
jets n-gg-
next they’ll be dressing like me
but back in the day they wasn’t stressing like me
good thing i had the b-lls to boss up
if not for that ain’t no telling where i might be
ain’t no telling who you might see
no tint, got your girl in my p-ssenger seat, w-ssup
dropped her off to you
with her fingertips and her lips smelling like weed
n-gg- she been rolling it up
laced locks on my jordan ones
naw homie they ain’t come like that
ya’ll remember mr. spitta
mor. month-after-month
(?) don cannon your n-gg- right back
b-tches just fell through with the loud pack
no cigars in my session my crew don’t allow that wussup

[verse 2: curren$y]
paper planes, personals to the brain
help a n-gg- deal with the ills of the game
the radio station playing favorites
and i don’t even turn the tv on
cause it ain’t about the music artists making nowadays
its all about scripted realities from their home
fussing with their kids, fussing with their chicks
hundred thousand dollars on the line
run an obstacle course and eat a plate full of sh-t
lose a hundred pounds, celebrate, get highed up
go to the sober house, lay it down
i’m an artist get me the f-ck out of here
two dope caprice cl-ssics
got suede interior in my slab b-tch
so be careful where you (?) your ask and talk zilla what up

[outro: dj don cannon]
shout out to everybody supporting the jets movement
don cannon the money machine
it’s real special
curren$y, smokee robinson
roll up a doobie or something
and oh yeah
i don’t let no projects go
without having one of my joints on it
ya dig?