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lirik lagu +1 luck – curtains


[braxton knight]
all this love don’t mean d*mn, i’ve been chillin
i can’t make this sh*t up that’s my feelins
solar flare whole gang shining no (?)
we can stop till these diamonds familiar
flexed up with my chaos ring
dark damage we do slightly
yeah exp diamond ear ring
full speed in love with 93
chrome hearts b*tch i’m wide 3
+1 light accessories
i can not stop until i complete this mission

i might f*ck around and get f*cked up, am i lonely
had to realize i’m the sh*t because no body told me
i am not your bro, our brother or your f*cking homey
made that tommy sing ba da bing feel like tony
i’m just tryin kick it on my island with my brodies
digipack when i’m smokin
braxton hit me up i said bro pass the open
i said i’m gonna smash that sh*t and no i’m not joking
flexеd on 6 99
boy you made cause you got a 95
i don’t do sh*t gets racks from (?)
guеss i’m high f*ck
feel like i boutta die
say it once and i say it a thousand times
i get the message i read between the lines
shawty i see through the lies
think of you all the time
and it’s hard for me to fight it, i’m falling apart
she like the way that i move and the way that i walk
smokin gas (?)
shawty i see through the lines
still think of you all the time
[dani rain]
i don’t really know what to feel like
i get take it the way that you talk to me
time after time i hope that someday i’ll realize
that it’s time i moved on and let our love die
but when you get me excited, i just can’t hide it
you want me to come over
i can see it in your eyes
its time for me to make the call
i know its all wrong
but my love for you is too d*mn strong

[braxton knight]
+1 luck no i can’t give it up
treadin off through the (?) n0body dancin (?)

+1 luck no i can’t give it up
treadin off through the (?) n0body dancin (?)