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lirik lagu 02′ trunk fire – cxrrvptxd


[black star k!ller]
came out harder
than a
young god, young don
coming like terrnadon
dying off in the future
im beyond all this
boy be gone
destroyed as a player
rapper slayer, k!ll sayer
rapping fast is no talent
just a k!lla with no balance
thanks for the support
making plans
like a discord
even if theres
plans i can’t afford
don’t rap towards me
from the 7th ward
who could k!ll u any second
better be praying
im a dragon never tracking
loosing no traction
half of the fraction
made my own faction
just on some fat sh-t
with some nations
deals with 30 hatians
sh-t turned sour i was just playing
that was explantion
what a terrible way
k!ll the men dropped
ppl went crazy went lazy
from the coming eye
could i go defy
missle dropping from the sky
u just messing with who’s fly
i be clyde idk wheres my bonnie
ya’ll be say u be lofty
u talk to girls
is that sh-t
gushy or unfurled
i be grining sinen with your favriote
sorry i crush dreams
made it eminent
like i was an evil resident
mixed it with some m&ms
with some atarol
might die a headache
so handshakes
gotta knawl
resolve take that to the grave
been brave been saved
lost enclaves
laughing in the dark
i ain’t crazy body lines
mixed with the chalk
40 year old f-ckers wanna stab
me defending family is everything
i might sh-t in front of energy
depressing thoughts envy me
shadow -ss enitey
demons and beliving
holy spirit im realving
stuck on my memory
like my due date in the 70’s
crazy what i could forsee
even back in 2015
smoking doing acid
up in deadtrees
letting go in a breeze
why whould i ever plead
made a beat for wave reed
black dragon coming
no simple seed
f-ck my own greed
clarity is what i seek
and to never a lose
ways called your momma g-y
back in 2nd grade
hope my plans been
since my last grave
cause i was resuructed
hernadez, corrupted
king chumle , marely kinkade
these are the last words
i’ll probably never say