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lirik lagu 1995 – cyfer perez


(intro x8)
represent, represent!

(verse 1)
well its another one
wickity wack track as im runnin em
skating off to school as a puppet
now im rubbin em
blaze it off on the mic left and right
stimulate your mind and turn
the sun into night now
ill bring it back bro with a wicked vibe
grab the mic and blow your dome
back to ’95
cyfer’s taking lives with the sickest flow
always stayed original
its time for me to be livin yo
cyfer p for mayor the rap slayer the hooker layer
little vato say your prayers
closed it off with a dope ass intro
blowing off you info so tell me what your
in for?
don’t stop im hoe poppin road copping
road choppin you’ll get popped for the
sh*t your talking

some say, were never ment to grow up
im sure they never knew enough