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lirik lagu freeway – d.i.s.l. automatic


i think i’m big d… disl auto! power to the people! yeah that’s the motto
one world government where there’s no liberty or justice only punishment
that’s what we’re already headed towards
real talk jo, i don’t need the metaphors
i’m ready for the war got the devil at the door
if he wants to come and get me i’mma let the metal roar
put the pedal to the floor and i skate on the law
settling the score i’m aiming at y’all
i’m a rebel and a veteran, i think you better tell ’em that i’m better than anybody who claiming their raw they took all of our rights with the patriot act
they want to take away our liberty to stay strapped
they don’t give the people the freedom to say cr-p
all i got to say is ‘blaow! take that
let’s take back all that is rightfully ours
we should be peacefully fighting the power
this is for the people and the freedom that died together on 9/11 when the flights hit the towers
i’m not a coward, i got honor unlike mr. barack obama
let me tell you something that’ll blow your mind that black president’s of a royal bloodline
so what if he is half african aside from the natural fact that my skin
tone is white, know it don’t sound right but i’m probably blacker than him
take it how you want but it shouldn’t insult ya
it’s not about race, man it’s all about culture
chi-town born and i’m chi-town bred this my town ’til i lie down dead
montenegrin boy with the muslim blood
since i was a kid rap was my love when i got a little older i was hustling drugs
and affiliated with the toughest thugs
i ain’t no big meech, far from larry hoover, man
these rappers say they pushing weight but barely moving grams
the real freeway ricky, yeah he used to do it fam
but you see the way the cia just used him to expand
the plans and domination of the government
they’d be happy if the population plummeted
they bring in the drugs that they inoculate the public with
then wage a war against them so they profit off the punishment
of first time, non-violent drug offenders
they don’t only want to send us to prison they’re trying to end us from living
their agendas not hidden
it’s called eugenics
they create the threat and then they spread the epidemic
next here come the medics and these so-called leaders
claiming that they’ve got a cure and that they know how they should treat us
please let’s just be honest man
where the f-ck is all that contraband come from?
i ain’t no dumb-dumb, i know all about the iran-contra scam
i am a conscious man, i understand the language
of the government they love it when these famous entertainers
help to hold their people down instead of trying to elevate us
ignorance is what enslaves us and knowledge is what will save us
if we wake up we’ve got to see that our nation’s not a democracy
we got to break up the monopoly that these corporations unlawfully created
this topic is not for debate, it’s properly stated
if you listen to the m-th-f-ckin’ words, that when business and government merge
that is fascism by definition
this an exhibition of the wisdom i drop
freedom is the one and only mission and plot
power to the people is the vision i got
only for protection i’d be gripping a glock
ain’t even a question if i’m risking a lot
i’m a rap kamikaze and a lyrical tsunami, bringing back k!lluminati all we’re missing is pac
but we’re carrying on
the legend will never be buried and gone
remember the message when hearing this song
men only die but the spirit lives on
i’m not the heir to the throne, i’m not trying to be king
matter of fact i’m not trying at all cause i am a human being
now i am freeing my mind and hopefully minds of others
i got to shine so i can light the dark that blinds my brothers
it’s time we find another way to abolish hate and evil
if the first revolution was a movie then it’s time for the long awaited sequel
in the great universe there’s only one earth and we’re the native people
we’re all diverse yet every person is created equal
we’re one species from one maker and one blood
many races from many nations but only…one love!!!