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lirik lagu you are my joy – d.j. rogers


because i write songs with a message
i’ve been called a philosopher, a messenger, and even a reverend
but i’d like to take time to set the record straight
and let you know: i just try to write songs
that get people from monday to tuesday
i believe if you sing about the problem
you’re obligated to sing about the answer
question was raised to me the other day
why i seem to always have joy
and i’d like to take time to publicly make this announcement
and tell you, that jesus is my joy
and he’ll be to you, what he is to me
i don’t want you to misunderstand me:
i’m not what i wanna be, but thanks to god
i’m not what i used to be either
and he’s my joy

you are my joy… help me, somebody
you are my joy, oh lordy, oh lordy
you are my joy… you are my joy
you are my joy…

(you are my joy) you keep on making a way for me
(you are my joy) you open doors, that i cannot see

you are my joy! (you are my joy) oh, oh lordy
jesus, you’re my joy! (you are my joy)
you know i love to sing (you are my joy)
but if you don’t get a chance
to hear me sing no more (you are my joy)

jesus is my joy, hallelujah! (you are my joy)
he, he is my joy (you are my joy)
he walks with me, he walks with me (you are my joy)
oh, he talks with me (you are my joy), yes he does

he’s my joy (you are my joy), my my my joy, oh lordy
and i, i can’t thank him enough (you are my joy), oh lordy
oh! oh, my joy (you are my joy), my my my joy
i want the world to know, oh lordy (you are my joy)

know, he’s my joy! he’s my joy! (you are my joy)
oh jesus, ha… he’s my joy! my joy! (you are my joy)
oh, oh, yeah…! my joy! (you are my joy)
oh, aah, he’s my joy…