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lirik lagu hey sister – d.o.a


it’s the same old cr-p, got no excuse. she gets beat, she gets abused. you think she’s something, for you to use. you think that’s right, your buddy thinks so too.
chorus: hey man, there ain’t no excuse. your hatred’s deadly, stop your abuse. hey sister, try to stand up strong. the same ol’ cr-p been goin’ on too long. t.v. & magazines ingrain your condition. subserfvent ads reinforce a sad tradition. you beat her at home, you har-ss her at work. you think might is right, you macho jerk. she’s second cl-ss in every land. she’s told at school, you’re not as good as a man. how long can this go on, you know it’s wrong. it’s been a man’s world for far too long.