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lirik lagu 44 more freestyle – d1rect



mama told me always be the better man
i don’t ever listen
going forward if you gotta beef with me
the gat’ll stutter like a speech impediment
i reap the benefit of leakin’ people
leave’em bleedin’, you won’t really see the end of it (woah)
i don’t need your sentiment (nah)
sh-t’ll be your detriment (woah)
don’t you be offended i won’t stop
do more than ball when i post up
tryna chill at le costa
rico with amigos
he so evil, he gon’ keep the eagle in a holster
make a scene though
eat at don chilitos
see i got it loaded with the salsa
i’m the chief like sosa (bang bang)
i’m just chillin’ with my demons (yea)
put a rapper on the defense (yea)
i don’t really know what peace is (yea)
f-ckin’ send’em all to jesus
mental gone off out the deep end (ayy)
shawty need her for the freakin’ (ayy)
i just want her for the weekend (ayy)
all ya folk is known for tattlin’
come at me wrong and then ya never knowin’
when i’m bouta blow it on ya whole battalion
you overload & comatose
you gon’ be chosen for the toastin’
go in loaded, more than potent
overthrow the holy throne, immortal ronin
know i go in, all alone (woah woah)
i’m for the most (oh no)
you sorta ghost (oh no)
you know i roll solo
and you hoes and bros don’t know
got cortisone for your -ss
i graduated with no cl-ss
they wanna stop me, i go past
heaven sent if we cross path
wanna try me it’ll cost ya a limb (break a leg)
haven’t felt like a boss in a minute (yea)
f-ck a fraud boy, y’all not authentic
gone off the henny- you ain’t sick dog
you a cold to a carcinogenic (ergh!)