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lirik lagu 0 to 100 – da don vet


try to tell me what’s your life like
i lost a real n-gg- talking last night
still no some fiends take the crack pipe
f-ck the money wrong make sure the cash right
i be on that vet you need to kill sh-t
who’s piece is h-tting i need a mill quick
what’s mines is yours you know that’s real sh-t
semiautomatic with the steel grip
i be on the block with my day ones
if they with me then you know these n-gg-s a1
i swear they show u love when the fame comes
and they all disappear when they hate come
fress go and tell me

yo stay off the block
get your mind right n-gg- make it to the top

[da don vet]:

still thinking of a lick and how to pitch a rock
i got my wrist flick and baking soda in pot
a couple 16s got my city f-cking with me
without a mix tape my city really f-cking with me
i put my city on ain’t sh-t you could do with me
i need a quarter mill before the label coming get me
oh lord oh lord i’ve been praying n-gg-
and i still got love for all you hating n-gg-s
and i been on the block so what you saying n-gg-

what you saying n-gg-, yeah