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lirik lagu hip-hop’s unknown – da grym reefer


[hook: mack mirage]

hip hop’s unknown
yet we’re spittin’ content (nah)
no pop sh-t bruh it’s all nonsense
so many rappers front
backhands is what they get
put your stock in manure
mad when your return is sh-t

[repeat x1]

[verse 1: mack mirage]

median for pun
who channels content..all you gotta do, homie
is press play
i’ll post the lyrics to your newsfeed
but never any gossip, bullsh-t
or hater hearsay, grym!
i know they’re checking our sh-t
want these mic’s to stop
so we can quit
most of all cease and desist from blatantly wrecking sh-t /
no regard, only disregard
like lacking faith in our talent
which means they have (even) less in god /
oh my gosh!!
but it ain’t busta bust
it’s mack at the range letting his hammer bust
(blaccow, blaccow)
that’s all you hear
when i grab the mic k!llin’ sh-t
unknown, not like the next hype type
f-ck rappers who couldn’t hold the jock strap
of mc lyte
i don’t feel for you poor georgie’s
me and my team taking turns running train
through this game, like an orgy..

[hook x2]

[verse 2: da grym reefer]

do i have to sell out
just to sell records?
fake it ’till i make it
just to have a presence?
wild out like waka flocka
and talk reckless
already be a millionaire for you even care
hire chicks to shake their derriere
for you to
stare at my videos
rap about pimpin’ hoes
in each and every flow
talk about getting dough
talk about smoking dro’
how you got less and i got mo’
i say enough of that
i don’t even f-ck with that
as a matter of fact
using auto-tune on every track is f-cking whack
call me a nut-case
i call you a nut sack
i don’t do the skinny jeans
or jerk or sing on tracks
or trap
music cause it’s useless
unless i’m trying to build a case against myself
which is stupid
but so many rappers do it
cause y’all be grooving to it
they say they’re making money
but to me you’re just influenced

[hook x2]

[verse 3: da grym reefer]

f-ck the mainstream
don’t compare me to none of these b-tches
the “stop snitching” sh-t switched
to supporting the snitches
the game raised me up to watch snitches lay in the ditches
y’all f-cked the game up
nowadays snitches get riches
i came up in the era where n-ggas got checked
you from the era where these n-ggas can buy their respect
f-ck how good you can spit it
if you didn’t live it
you’re just an mc gusto
that happens to have lyrics

[verse 4: mack mirage]

but grym really
they don’t have any lyrics
the sh-t you hear’em spittin’ came via ghost writer spirit
mainstream fans are too brainwashed to hear it
what makes its worse they’re afraid of change mane..
don’t want these fools being exposed for frauds
well its a good thing mr. mirage ain’t fooled by facades
i predict their downfall and demise, how you ask?
the bars in my notepad read like tarot cards..

[hook x2]