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lirik lagu mark ass hoes – da lil killaz


little telfer, little telfer
look like santa’s little helper
think you’re clever, think you’re better
your house is a homeless shelter

ooo bud where’s your sink
club soda’s your favorite drink
you should really see a shrink
getting embarrassed turning pink

playing basketball alone
like you’ve really got no friends?
i mean you’ve only really got us
‘cause you don’t know how to blend

you want erika and kalapun and don’t forget maclean
but they’re so out of your league
one might think that you’re insane
man you’re tiny yes you’re puny
tiny punch gives you a welt
but i mean you are our friend
but please man get a belt

hit the gym man get some arms
so you can lift more than the bar
you bumped your head and got a scar
but that don’t mean that you’re a star

think coldramen’s a cool name
man that’s really kind of plain
i think you should just be quiet
and go home and fix your brain

tim, tim you stinky boi
dont say the n*word boc choi
being asian ain’t a trait
your singing can’t near compensate

you’re not as hot as your sister
just last night, we f*cked like twister
you’ve tried it with niners
you just ate your dog at the family diner

i’m bombing these lines like a kamikaze
like i’m bombing your ass, nagasaki
tim, i smell the corona from here
i wrote olivia’s ass like shakespeare

can’t get a girl, with zero charm
you can’t with your f*cking bony ass arms
pastor choi raising a k*pop pr*ck
hope he don’t know bout your 1 inch d*ck

hey there monkey we’re back for round two
even with rosie you are the little spoon
you stay on your simp sh*t for a month or two
just for emmy to not want you
you call yourself an athlete yet oakridge aeros who
imagine going to summer school to run math back for round two
you f*cked that sh*t up same with french too
you’re such a disappointment, your family thinks so too
they call you a mistake for a reason or two
even against connell, you come out as number 2
shut yo b*tch ass up
i’m about to clean your ass up
i’m gonna prove to you that you’re not tough
remember 2013? that year was rough
daddy faucher really raised a pup
when was the last time you took a bath?
the last time you did good in math?
you might be 5’10 in height, but your d*ck ain’t in sight
you might think you’re packin but you’re really just slackin
4 inches is where you’re maxing
aw honey your screen time is up
what a shame you little pup
till we meet again you microp*n*sed man

oh hey stupid isaac
sorry to stop your crunchy roll
get up and leave your room
you useless f*cking troll
remove biceps from the equation
and you’re a zero times zero
you’re pretty f*cking small
but it’s different for your ego
stupid little pr*ck
73 in grade 10 science
your relationship with zoe
is turning to silence
i would mention your idol
but i don’t want to hurt your feelings
fragile boy crying
over onion peelings
soccer is your sport because youre openly g*y
isaac is talking to a girl, hooray!
i would have went harder but you will be taken aback
not even your own team has your back

listen up connell
your ass isn’t done yet
my pity predictions for you
will never be met
you’re staying 5’3
down under erika
you know she probably be on top if she ever met ya
hooping alone
in some sort of reality
no miracle could fix you
not even alchemy
you look like dobby f*cked a goblin through a glory hole
being the group laughing stock is your only fitting role
passing french at this point, should likely be your goal
sorry little guy but this had to be the toll