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lirik lagu ya bitch you – da wild boyz


let’s go get em records.
real head hunters ain’t afraid to say nothing.
wild boys on the track, big ant and batman, 2000 millennium

chorus: ya b-tch you !! how you gon front on me,
( b-tch n-gg-, b-tch n-gg-)
ya b-tch you !! you know it ain’t safe in the streets
( b-tch n-gg-, b-tch n-gg-)
ya b-tch you !! how you gon run from the heat
(b-tch n-gg-, b-tch n-gg-)
ya b-tch you !! ya b-tch you !!

verse 1:
you gotta get it how you live on these streets, or ya f-cked
50 rounds spit out a chopper to kill a couple
f-ck a scuffle, cause only the weak live neat
da wild boyz (wild boys) run the streets and we killin off the beef
all ya heard was blocka (blocka), now i’m smokin a ???
channel four made that n-gg- out a m-th-f-ckin star
bullet holes in his car, and every shot was meant to wet him
and in my head, all i heard was let’s go get em
it’s all beef , they don’t want me back on the streets
cause i know who got the money, and where them n-gg-s sleep
where they creep, where the heat ?
you gon remember me
sonny redd, s.r. n-gg- lockin down the streets

repeat chorus

verse 2:
you know it’s hard comin up in a click and sh-t
cause when you get rich, other n-gg-s start to b-tch
about sh-t aint fair no more, this n-gg- don’t care no more
‘man how you gon f-ck my girl?’ b-tch you sound like a ho
ain’t sh-t ‘pose to come ‘tween us, not no b-tch,ho
not the money, or the m-th-f-ckin dope
either we thick like grits, or i’m seein a ghost
n-gg- you know how it go : don’t brag, don’t boast
cause ho’s get you caught up, and ho’s get you killed
and i ain’t gon let no f-ckin ho destroy the sh-t that i done built
and ho’s turn to snitches, snitches turn to b-tches
amongst real n-gg-s in the pin when they ship in

repeat chorus