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lirik lagu 10 hour drive – daboii


this is a foley production

now everybody slime
and they’ll never steal the sauce, but everybody tryin’
now everybody gangsta
edd done hit the scene now everybody caked up
and i should really be a p ’cause what i say persuasive
me and slimmy on the e*way n*gga racing sp*ceships
when i walk inside the mall i see anxious faces
want daboii up on your track? then make a reservation
and i’ll never leave my strap ’cause i’m protected by it
they like, “daboii brought out the buffs, that n*gga exercising”
high as h*ll you tried to hit me with the breathalyzer
laughed in his face and hit the ‘wood, i’m getting extra high
you don’t own that p*ssy, she a rental, n*gga enterprise
show no emotion but it’s sh*t i really feel inside
i hop outside and get on feet, naw i don’t sit in rides
them boys come up over here they gon’ get penalized
matter fact, them n*ggas slide, them boys ain’t leaving here
like, why the strippers on one side? ’cause n*gga we in here
throw that blunt up out the whip, boy it’s a seed in there
10 hour drive, still rolling up, i use my knee to steer
i had it the hardaway b*tch i need every penny
and all i did was run it up, naw i ain’t fair to many
i seen a whole gang lose they life, they ain’t cherish any
i put a hundred in that chop, this b*tch a pair of titties
we make n*ggas make the news off some old beef
i overslept the other day, i’m catching old z’s
still passing hoes around, n*gga go deep
boy you asking h*lla questions, you the police
yeah i’m riding to the neck but b*tch i’m deep as h*ll
if my bro won’t smoke with you b*tch include me as well
i ain’t gon’ lie bro, you a b*tch and i think she can tell
let my choppa off in april, dropping easter sh*lls
i give a f*ck who’s showing love ’cause i’m supporting, i
i’ll take a walk inside my closet, it’s a store inside
and i can’t even find my opps like i’m unorganized
you n*ggas wouldn’t bust a grape, n*gga jordan 5’s
yeah i got shot up in my leg, i ain’t complain about it
and if it ain’t about no money you know i ain’t around it
i ain’t ‘gon never say i made it ’til i own 80 houses
putting hickeys on my b*tch neck and a chain around it
and i done been around the world, i still can’t leave the v
i’m fighting demons in my sleep, i need a jesus piece
them n*ggas thought that i was dwayne, i couldn’t leave the heat
she like, “when you want me to stop?”, until your knees is weak
these n*ggas couldn’t keep up if i ain’t have a leg
b*tch what do you have to offer? i ain’t having s*x
b*tch how you stay fresh out the shower? take a bath instead
i stood my ground, they tried to push me to the jagged edge
they like, “daboii be cattin’ off, bet he be d*gg*n’ b*tches”
they like, “he anti”, i’m whatever you wanna call a n*gga
deep down n0body got my back so i be cautious with it
and tu was ballin’ up in heaven, now birdy balling wit’ ’em
i’m in the studio everyday i’m all in with this
like, why these guilty b*tches acting like they innocent?
stay out the way and count my cheese, naw i ain’t in the mix
but let a n*gga touch my chain, i’m missing christmases