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lirik lagu 34 – daddy punk


yeah, some people just don’t understand man
let’s start this off with one question, okay, maybe a couple
yeah, i don’t know

if life a reset b-tton, would you press it?
if someone had a problem with you, would you address it?
would you avoid pain and preach happiness?
day after day we should count our blessings

i believe in a better life
beyond the politics and the hypocrysis
i take the pain away from those who are hurtin
pain is something that no one is deserving

i wake up
some people think it sucks
i want everyone want to be happy
still people want to stab me

it’s a constant cycle in this world
old men preying on little girls
trying to strip them of their innocence
people who are(stutter) out here shootin
reppin gang activity like it’s a festival
it’s a test of willpower
they shower them in praise

no, i didn’t grow up in the streets
i grew up on good eats
listening to the hot beats
not a typical person anymore
born and raised on the eastern sh0r-
mending broken hearts like a therapist
some people don’t care
is this something you don’t feel
emotionless in an empty sh-ll
gunshots and crack rocks and armed men shooting at your head

no one is safe
not even me
i just want to believe in a better life
for you and for me
hopefully we can see eye to eye
and see that no one wants to die
clean out our minds like a dirty store
and i’ll leave it to this-this one number