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lirik lagu 3rd eye vision – daddyslammer600 & vox de re


vox:i suffer from manic depression every day i look down at my smith’n westion reminiscing on the good times we had together. its an emotion i cannot explain its called pain and its here to stay like the cuts on my wrist or the embarrassing fits or sh*t even the loss of blood that numbed my fists. its not okay im just waiting for the day i will ascend or in my case descend so for now lets say goodbye im really just waiting to die

daddyslammer: ay yuh they dont listen to lyrics they only care about the sound me and vox cary the crowns we step on there throats and push em to the grounds those f*cking clowns we leave them with a f*cking frown and pull up with a dark cloak that his brown hopefully we make dad proud yuh let’s just say goodbye come out like a guy pretty bi pretty shi super fly super high yeah he can’t matain his energy spitting with this so cold flow chemistry popping green soda no yoda whoever spits first we can tell who is olda yuh they all thinks its a joke like those n*ggas from boke we lifted some smoke cus they 3rd eye vision is broke uh