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lirik lagu 1-800-fukcoff – daddytraxxx


[verse 1: carlini & (late lean)]
i still can’t believe the way we got this started
laying in my bed, i think of how i’ll leave her broken*hearted
hands are in her hair because i love every way she parts it
she asked me to show her all my scars for proof of where my heart is

take it and run with it freely, turn it to an everyday feeling
laying in the dark under the stars pasted on her ceiling
pouting like i’m a meanie, but really you just missed the meaning
seems like you don’t even wanna try to patch up the seaming

[hook: carlini & late lean]
if you wanna reach me, you can just hit the line
1*800*f*ckoff cause i ain’t got the time
bumping us on the fm, daddytraxxx worldwide
this number cannot be reached, do not even retry

[verse 2: carlini & (late lean)]
say goodbye to the moon, i’m weaning, watching the water receding
feeding off your inner hunger, and i’m rewarding you sweetly
sweetie, it’s nothing though
i’m rolling organic dope in a leaf to incapacitate me until my funeral