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lirik lagu break – dahpne & celeste


daphne and celeste
featuring marie campbell

c & d- go trojans! go trojans!
m- break!
m- let’s get this game started
c & d- c’mon marie!

m- let’s get this started
d- quit gettin’ bombarded
m- no losers at our school
d- trojans are only cool
c- let’s make a score
m- let’s blow those vikings
d- (ewe!)
m- away
d- as long as we’re around
d- they’ll never get their way

m- get those book open, coach
d- straight a’s lookin’ like a roach
c- get outta cl-ss
m- teach is a pain in the-
c & d- neck!
m- hurting my brain
c- studying, such a pain

m- are we gonna win?
c & d- yes we are!
m- are we gonna stay?
c & d- yes we are!
m- ‘trojans’ gonna win?
c & d- yes we are!
m- break!

m- i think i’ve lost it
c- maybe you have
d- oh no
m- what do you mean?
c & d- mental inst-tute!

m- cheer squad is here
m- so you betta watch
c & d- out
c- we’re gonna make you
d- wish you were gone
m- i’m not gonna turn the lights on

m- gimme a roll call
d- give ‘er a roll call!
c- gimme a roll call
d- give er a roll call
c & m- give us a roll call!

m- break!
d & c- break?
m- break!
d & c- break
m- break!
d & c- break!
c & d & m- trojans break!