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lirik lagu place on calvary – dailey and vincent


lower my body and lift my soul and tell me to come on home
let me leave this world of sin ’cause heaven’s where i want to roam
i will bow my head raise my hands getdown on my knees
i just beg and pray that i someday will have a place on calvary

now we’ve all been blessed by the grace of god and his spirit within us lives
but still we ask for other things and still our god forgives
but lord there’s just one more thing a personal favor for me
i just want to suggest and make a request for a place on calvary

repeat chorus

now the good book tells us how it was more than many years ago
and i’ve read every word in black and red but still i had to know
though my deeds on earth don’t measure up well my soul could be set free
ah, do i deserve no i don’t deserve a place on calvary