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lirik lagu five – daily planet


by seth davis

when i get to heaven i want to be a 5 year old forever
a little closer to the ground
look at all the change i found in the grocery store

i jumped off the couch today, i swear i was not afraid
’cause i had on my red cape just like superman
i caught a blue belly with my best buddy eddie in the driveway yesterday
i got so excited that i squeezed the tail tight
it popped off and it got away, but that’s okay

it’s alright

when i was five
feeling so alive
running proud and free
i’ll bet you can’t catch me, oh no
running through the rain
splashing in the mud
i can act insane
living life’ s my favorite game

when i get to heaven i want to be a 5 year old forever
i’ve got a fire engine that’s just my size
i’d drive all night to see the sunrise if my mom would let me
there is nothing i can’t do when i have on my underoos
just like luke skywalker
i found i had a neighbor, a real trouble maker named michael carmody
he poked out all the knotholes in the fence
and gave me handfuls of his army figurines
so small and green (and good)

it’s alright

repeat chorus

the world had not yet lied to me
as far as i knew i was free i was free, i was free

repeat chorus

when i get to heaven, when i get to heaven

‘ 2002 brentwood – benson music publishing