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lirik lagu questioning the notion – daily planet


questioning the notion

i’ve also wondered why across the map
most of the people starve while few grow fat
and i too have found it hard to sleep
when three corners of the square will weep
and one will laugh and buy and eat and drink

questioning the notion that god is full of love
is a tempting road to take when you forget about his blood
but i choose to still believe him, his heart is kind and just
i’m only seeing half the picture, for the other half i’ll trust

i can’t explain why helpless children pay
for all the careless sin their parents made
and i’ve found it hard to see how god is just
in a world decayed by selfish l-st
when my faith and reason don’t align, i’ll trust


he’s in control
so i’m faced with a decision
let my concepts all be broken
i can fall upon the rock
and trust that justice will be spoken
or i can spin my mind in circles
making sense of all i see
my faith will ground to powder
when the rock falls on me

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