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lirik lagu 22 (derrick henry – dakoda rollins


running through ’em like twenty two
stiff arm haters with a juke move
navy, silver, white, sky blue
running through ’em like twenty two

[verse one]
the devil ain’t got me yet
can you tell by the streams and the way that i rhyme like a fiend
that this ain’t a hobby yet?
a decade of the beats and the heats and the way that i sing ain’t made it obvious?
tell the haters come get me. i’ll be chilling with a smirk
get murked in the middle of the lobby. bet
wasting your time thinking you’re dimming my shine
what’s a squad? do this by myself
i got god, i don’t need your help
what’s a city? tryna be the map
got a fitted, i don’t need your cap
you’re detrimental to my mission, baby, who you fooling?
so hungry for the mountain top i’m borderline drooling
crown is being tailored, i just got to put the jewels in
link to the spotify, you know what to do then
down south with an upward trajectory
primo, primo don’t expect no less from me
all scrubs want to get the best of me
they don’t got the b*lls to do it; vasectomy


[verse two]
forget what you heard, i’m the best
take off my chain so i can get this off my chest
worried ’bout mines. who the rest?
applying the pressure while breaking no sweats. bet
tryna stay humble’s a test
ain’t n0body round me fly so i feel like a jet
dawg, and i’m sick. need a vet
talking that ish, smell it all on my breath
boy, i’m bad like michael
demons in my head are the only rivals
k!ll my own beat, partially suicidal
i’m a role model but jesus is my idol
godhead, three*preat, daily bread, i eat
roll ’bout twelve deep, with prince and queen
big bags, no sleep, you was last week
top five all*time. all five spots me