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lirik lagu soul vaxation accidental – damaged


missing you an’ cutting up
bleed, bring it out,
unspilled resurrection of decadence.
animosity in action, desecrate in thought,
readoption deliverance, sitting here among a million.

different reasons why you attract animosity,
running into any screaming dedication to miseries undenied.
you scream out, backs turn
deliverance and suffer unto your own

surprise delay on sufferance, i’m sick of this two faced bullsh-t,
your egos will asphyxiate, deny it’s ever been told,
respects and open handed response.
flatten that ego, let it go, ending life’s strain.

rise through innocence, rape the sleeping gift.
mortality stronger than reprieves deliver honesty
and rise through enmity.

bleed this gift to life,
disbelief is overwhelming,
enormous waves of hate nauseate, confuse,
entrap emotions with love-drawn vicious circles.

a melrose cast keeps score,
of instincts consume, in jealous restraint,
replacing love with fighting words,
i can’t be who i thought i could be,
the light you’ve never had.

destroy the only things worth setting free,
respect your gluttony, burning circles,
i’m not the only one who’s to say you’re right or wrong
the original purpose, forgotten i love the pain.
love it.