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lirik lagu 1982 tonight – damien fernandez


this town don’t care never cared about you and me
turn around and around and around keep trying but we never break free
well watched my poppa get old, long before his hair was turning grey
this place is a suicide trap, bought a one way ticket and were never coming back

she said i’m leaving so far away

your mama can wait by the telephone, but you aint gonna call
say you wanna run but you never go, cuz your too afraid to fall
you and me girl we gotta get away, cuz nothings gonna change until we get somewhere
get in my car and we’ll drive all night, as long as were together it’ll be alright

so come on baby take my hand, and hold up steady when you shoot your gun
this town can burn and fall apart, i don’t even care, baby we can run tonight

last chance if you wanna go home baby girl this is the end of the line
and you know you’ll break your mamas heart in two, when you don’t come home tonight
i don’t wanna die in this place another broken down soldier too lost to weary too fight
and someday
wonder bout that girl and wonder what if i took my chance on a runaway dance