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lirik lagu bad bishes – daniel o’donnell


f*cked a b*tch she got the d o donnel
f*cked a b*tch lambo in the tunnel
i said my name was dan o’donnel
then she sucked my off like dan no trouble
f*cked her one time then i f*cked her double
in the p*ssy danny caused some rubble
smashed the p*ssy like that avo on toast
now we on the pipe crystals on the roast
meth high seen the holy ghost, now she wanna f*ck
with the host

yeah i’m k!lling sh*t, i’m k!lling sh*t, f*cked mary yeah i’m living it
im jesuses dad im a living fit yеah i’m off my head danny smash the cl*t
joseph walkеd in was like what the f*ck, i said im god c*nt you can shut your cuck
then i sold the bible and i made a buck im the dan o donnel joseph you can f*cking suck
this irish c*ck i’m the leprechaun, cos i smoke green count gold while i’m making p*rn
b*tches p*ssies are h*lla torn when the donnels bout on the meth score