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lirik lagu blue & whites – danté wolfe


[danté wolfe]
ima see if i can do this one without reading it
mute the track for me

[verse 1: danté wolfe]
growing up in america you need self worth
if it’s color on ya skin then you down at birth
no history n-gg-, just a mystery n-gg-
if i got a badge on, you ain’t sh-t to me n-gg-
these red and blue lights serve the blue & whites
and the blue & whites just wanna earn they stripes
more afraid of us than we is of them
or is it all just hate and they can’t pretend
in the black night sky, see the black man fall
f-ck em we ball, but first you gotta crawl
ain’t no yes sir, no sir, it’s m-ssa please!
and when you go behind bars that’s where m-ssa be
n-gg-s k!lling n-gg-s cause the color on they flag
you call that sh-t stupid but you hate me
’cause the color on my back
it ain’t much sense in that, you think you above that
but you just as bad

[hook: david quinones]

[verse 2: danté wolfe]
see the root of all evil is a color
ya brother is a color and so is ya mother
my big brother wear different colors than me
but i still love him cause what do that sh-t mean?
yo the first n-gg- that i met when i got to school
switched up on me on dog, for the colors he choose
not red or blue, but blue face hundreds
i couldn’t understand but that’s all that he wanted
loyalty, respect, honor at its best ain’t got a color
like the ones you getting on a check
think you big sh-t but a color run ya life
when you out in sp-ce, the only color is the night
and the only thing that can shine is the light
sun, moon, and stars
which one you go be?
make good choices when you pick ya homies
if you choose wrong the only color is the red
spilling out you when you dead

[hook: david quinones]

[verse 3: mj the sensei]

[hook: david quinones]

[verse 4: samurai mayyne]

[outro: david quinones]