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lirik lagu 23rd baby – dareallilb


(intro aid*libs)

23rd baby oh o oh

got that deal on the line
i’m sign at deal up in blood letters
longs nights posted on 23
never thought i make it up out the shelter
i was grinding all summer also grave
digging in mud weather
call up  800 or  bubb ski
you know i’m riding wit
some vold steppers


every since 15 i wanted be rich
got out at 18 start having at sh*t
i think they mad cause lilb made a hit
now i got the whole city up on my d*ck
making big moves my neck look like brick
drop bag on his head now
brains for rent talking like he raw
he ain’t telling me sh*t
pull right side em let 30 stick hit
(2nd verse)

yea the opps be dissing on gram
but same n*ggas we be hitting on them
got that murder on my mind
sometimes i thinking about k!lling my homies
a lot sh*t done change since
i done lost my og tony
i peep that snake sh*t that you on
i had to cut off all my homies

had to change lanes
had to get some new drip
pocket over weight full blue strips
i’m on a new track

new drip pockets
ova weight b*tch full blue strips
been f*cking 6 n*ggas on a new tip

dolce & gabbana on my feet
you gotta appoved this
youh just leak the devil
spin his block in new whip

(3rd verse)

just pull up to the a
but a young n*gga
still banging the k
do a hit skeet off in a raft
already gone on the road
next day no a out town
b*tch that’s gone let me stay
f*ck her real good yea i hold her by waist
ain’t worry about the plug
i know were stay everything 10 plus
i don’t evan gotta pay


got that deal on the line
i’m sign my deal up in blood letters
longs nights posted on 23
never thought i
make it up out the shelter
i was grinding all summer
also grave digging in mud weather
call 800 or bubb ski
you know i’m riding with
some vold steppers
9 crip