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lirik lagu 01. darealtrap introl – darealshane


darealshane (hook)

i love my crew
i love my crew
i love my crew (x3)

try and sneakdiss us
and were gonna sneakdiss you

darealshane verse

without each other
we are no one
but all alone
fighting off these fakes
to get signed a record deal
we do whatever it takes
getting our lyrics done
then later turnin up
you say you rather sleep at home
then nigga
you ain’t with us
we about chasing that money
that’s why we never sleep
we see these millionaires at the top
and say
f-ck what they think
you don’t need to go to college
or get a
masters degree
you can be a real rapper
and get to where
you wanna be
f-ck all these
wanna be business people
teaching how to get more money
you should know
coming to my work with that shit
is so funny
you the type of niggas
that diss niggas for looking b-mmy
so i hope a punch to your face
is what you will get coming
cause not everyday in fremont california
is so sunny