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lirik lagu aphrasia – dark day dawning


midcity sunshower sirens are blaring
i know it’s not pretty but some say it’s real
let’s down a few coffees and head to the sh-r-
sleep on the sand and hope the tide takes us in
if we’re unfortunate enough to again open our eyes
groggy and squinting we will make our way home
either way i will have lost my smile to the waves
to the bleak screaming green
as sure as my eventual decay

words without meaning are doves without wings
desperate cries to death delayed by flesh

and i would laugh but i’m stuck in the middle of it
and i would cry but it seems that i’ve missed my chance
if they put me in the ground promise me now
a smile forced on my face
for without the pleasure or power or pain
nothing has changed
have it be grand

nothing has changed

have it say “you don’t know what you’re missing”
have it imply “not a d-mn thing has changed except that you will still awake to the rain
and groggily make your way home
…except this time alone”

sorry old friend, but it got old for me years ago

as time takes your life it seems futile to pretend that you’re alive
and yet there’s nothing i wouldn’t give

and we are left to numb with age and lose the chance to see the world through virgin eyes
and yet there’s nothing i wouldn’t give

as every line beneath our eyes bears witness to the days that we won’t soon forget
there’s nothing i wouldn’t give

the waves have washed away any reason for me to look back fondly upon days such as these
still there’s nothing i wouldn’t give