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lirik lagu black crows – dark lotus


[woman crying]
oh my god
[still crying]
don’t leave me

[monoxide child:]
i can here them whisper my name
i can feel them watch me every now and again
i watch him float along the clouds
hunt for blood stains
my souls almost out
and he can only see the pain
wings spread on a porch i sit
conversatin with the devil on some who’s next sh-t
i feel the spirts rise
when the black birds fly
when it’s time to die
only the crows know why

[shaggy 2 dope:]
12 o’ clock on the dot
my blood runs cold
cause the gaze through the window
got me in a choke hold
visions of death pinicle sacrafice
and the ultimate price of taking my own life
beady yellow eyes see right through me
talking to me, the beyond consumes me
the black crow takes my thoughts
and plants seeds
the black crow plants his feet and over sees

our father of shangri-la
halo be thy name
if the world turns over
save me from the fire rain
keep me pure keep me clean
as the lotus grows
i ask ye for forgiveness
keep me from the crows

[jamie madrox:]
balck feathers black eyes black wings
perched atop the cemetery gateing
waiting for me, recording my moves
used to be one, now there are two
a couple waiting to pick at my soul
and bring me back to the one in control
the faster i run they still give chase
will they leave me if i reveal my holy cross face

[violent j:]
black blood within the raven
have i been forgaven?
a haven of crows watching skwaking
drifting above me, hawking
what lies beneath it’s eyes
who’s guideing it as it flys
when the red moon bleeds
it feeds, forfilling it’s needs

[chorus x2]

[monoxide child:]
in my mark for death
do they want my last breath
do they really want me dead
so my soul will reserrect
i can’t help it praying to the gods above
purify my soul change the crows to doves

[shaggy 2 dope:]
wings spread out and they cover my soul
deaths voice springs out
and spreads threw my mentals
in threw my mind
and down my spine
i’m a movin still dead
the crows rotted mind

[violent j:]
midnight, sunrise, sunfall
crows beckon, pharohs call
my blood hot and dripping
growing clipping, snipping

[jamie madrox:]
i will never be afraid
of the eyes of the dead
in my trench coat pocket
there’s a severed crows head
i look down his neck
to see what they can see
i’ve finally come to grips
they will always be around me

[chorus x2]