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lirik lagu always there – dark side poet


always there, no matter when or where
always could rely; in my heart you’ll never die
through the good and through the bad
through the happy and the sad
n0body had more of an impact
you were like a dad, a real one at that
and though i had my own it’s you who stood to bat
i never will forget the time i had with you
be it watchin’ cricket or doin’ what you do
cheerin’ kangaroos, booin’ bombers oand the blues
or sippin’ a cold one at party barbecues
tryna finish crosswords, readin’ out the clues
or even annoy you when the fords would lose
you were always around; didn’t have to make a sound
you were right by my side
when i think of you just know i’m full of pride
for everything you were
and all you ever done; with you i had fun
good times end but memories are forever
and i take ’em serious and not a thing will sever a bond
that wasn’t just blood-related
the connection we shared, well, i felt elated
and i still do, and i know years later
when i look back, i will still feel the same
nothing in this game will get me down
or let me forget that you’re always around