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lirik lagu inside the particle storm – dark tranquillity


inside the particle storm
where clouds of napalm shimmer
with the promise of one final dawn

inside the particle bliss
where ages collide into nothingness
obliteration’s one final kiss

a claw in the garden of eden
clogging the bloodstream of earth
tearing a hole in the fabric of life
the horizon enriched with scars

inside the particle blaze
a chamber of dissolution
proclaiming the end of days

we leave now
nothing will follow, nothing at all
the cleansing flames of entropy
to devour us all

our lungs are filled with sarin
our children drowning like dogs
handcuffed to the weight of cold dark matter
without purpose, meaning, or name

inside the particle storm
the poisoned gene of humanity

this is the moment
when black ships anchor to the skies
the heavy hands of chaos
descend in merciless demise