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lirik lagu part ii: jashil oy – darkestrah


jashil oy ran across the green woods.
two rivers flow into jashil oy.
from one of them another one flows towards jashil oy’s east.

there are five brothers with their sister in jashil oy land.
there are five wounds in jashil oy’s heart.
they are against each other.
in the battle, five brothers flow into jashil oy.

between the precipice and the coast,
in the narrow gorges among sharp stones,
heart pulses – man lives,
and he hears as if someone laugh.

intangible, invisible, inaudible
water’s smell with the taste of gr-ss.
she laughs,
but the whisper of water and gr-ss is still.

and the rivers are filled with silent laugh.
in the deepest sorrow the gr-ss will rustle.
and the eyelids will be closed by light wind,
when a head will fall on a chest.