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lirik lagu make noise – das efx


das efx
generation efx
make noise
hardcore, (hardcore)
for the world
yo, check it out


now all my hardcore n-gg-s make noise (hooooo!)
and all the honeys gettin money make noise (no doubt!)
and if you’re down with hip-hop make noise (make noise!)
…and ya don’t stop

verse 1: books, dray

i be, boogity woogity brooklyn boy, the n-gg- that you could never be
forget it kid, your style is limited like a cherokee
kiggity calm and deadly, i play the low like r.kelly
kiggity killer top up in this hip-hop game, it’s the…

diggity das, we biggity back with the formula
so kid, i’m warnin ya, we’re figgity fed and bout to corner y’all
kiggity krazy drayzie, no doubt, i brought the poisons
it’s me and my boys, son, we’re biggity back to bring the noise

chorus (x2)

verse 2: dray, skoob

yo, biggity back to rock your knot (no diggedy)
i do it til infinity (so make some noise if you’re feelin me)
hip-hop’ll never stall or fall cos i’ma carry it (yeah, yo, yo)
and marry it and keep it (up on) -? slap and heavier?-

c’mon, higgity hey-high, f-ck the ho
buffalo soldier, i told ya, i be the
jibbity jibber jabber, biggity bigger, badder
quickity quick to crack the skulls of punk commercialised rappers
a tasket, a tisket, i riggity rip sh-t
smoke the books in re-verse when i flips sh-t
so hip-hip, hooray, new style, niggity new day

a shiggity shooby dooby, yo piggity p-ss it to me
so i can wriggity rap, catch wreck and let it off
get it off, biggity blow mad spots and set it off
riggity represent the east, no peace, it’s hard times
hard crimes, that’s why we get down wit hard rhymes

chorus (x3)