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lirik lagu boyfriend – dave days


(parody of justin bieber’s song)

if i was your boyfriend i’d never let you go
i could take you places that you’ve probably been before
baby take a chance cause you really oughta know
i got money in my hands but i’m tryna save most of it

swag swag swag on your face
chilling on the couch while we’re eating chickfila
i don’t know about you but it’s me that you know
so if you know then i don’t know what you know cause i know you know… kick it

does it turn you on when i sing like this
hey girl i’m talking to you

if i was your boyfriend i’d make you dinner every night
take you to the movies i hope it’s cool if you buy
i could be a gentleman and open the door for you
yeah i’d open that door for you

tell me what you like yeah tell me what you don’t
buzz lightyear can’t fly and everybody knows
look i’m not tryna fight but i know that i’m right
sorry if i made you mad maybe this’ll make you glad mwah
girlfriend girlfriend you could be my girlfriend
and i could make you toast till the m-th-f-ckin world ends
baby you could be the one less lonely girl for me
yo when i’m feeling lost i secretly listen to 1d swaggie

give me a chance cause you’re all i need girl
spend a week with you boy i’ll be calling you my girlfriend
if i was your man i’d never leave you girl
i just want to love and treat you right.

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