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lirik lagu now what – dave thomas junior


[verse 1]
gotta keep that fire burning night and day
tell me how else will we ever get rescued?
and the fire’s gonna burn out someday
better sit down honey have you heard the news?

we’re circling
an average star
out on the edge
of nowhere special
so now what?
now what
now what
now what

we don’t have to make it mean anything
we can do whatever makes us feel alright

[verse 2]
and it’s really low probability
but the consequence is definitely high
but would it hurt us even a little less
if we ever manage to work out why?

we’re floating round
in the deep feeze
out on a limb
of one of a hundred billion galaxies
we’re circling
an average star
out on the edge
of nowhere special

so now what?