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lirik lagu 44 bars – david b.s.


{verse 1}
david b.s

i started rapping at age eleven; my family didn’t approve it
only came close to the tunnel; didn’t p-ss through it
i felt deluded
wrote songs in hiding; devoted my time to studies
starting raping to myself; made it a habit, i kept improving
they saw the p-ssion burn; mistook it for disaster
produced singles for fun; money was never in the chapter
i wanted to believe, to keep digging; to be the man others look up to
got drawn under pressure; went down the ladder
d-mn! daddy now late; was left to take care of my mum
study hard, graduate, get a job; had to be the man
i never contemplated the outcome; suppressed the dreams of a stardom
put out the fire; laid to rest all the p-ssion
those were no – easy decision; struggled to make a difference
had to put food on the table; working hard and earning pittanse
family members, dependants; friends and the list unending
pushed to let go of a dream, face reality and make a living
wow! school books and music conflicting; couldn’t choose between the two
couldn’t paint my life without rap; so inevitable
so i started writing; my friends were there to inspire me
kept it flowing on the daily; k told me that was alarming
i chose – the professional rap to legal profession
though many thought me stupid; i had to go with my p-ssion
misunderstood, hated my guts, treated me rudely
so i rapped for my survival; did believe i’m gon get through it
didn’t matter what they thought of me; i tried to be more real
kept on coming with more singles though i had no record deal
no support at the beginning; no funds, not even cash at hand
i kept on hoping on a happy end
just can’t wait – to buy my mama a house; spring the surprise
take her places she ain’t been to; see the- tears in her eyes
tell her i love her; and i ain’t gon place no woman above her
relief her of the pains; and all her struggles taken over
yh– to those who didn’t share in my dreams, i hope i proved you wrong
i hope by now you’re more convinced that life ain’t all about a pattern
they say help those who’re down while up the ladder
don’t take no dream for granted; wake up if you ain’t a part of
yeah! life ain’t easy but patience comes with improvement
did my first single for the support of the black movement
for far too long we’ve suffered in silence; being black ain’t a crime
i hope the hatred in yo all declines
so i’mma always be me; don’t give a d-mn if you don’t notice
make sense with my lines; and get more bonded with my audience
so when i go up stage and grab the mic; i hope the fans gon learn
that only god designs the perfect plan, believe