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lirik lagu ain’t got nothing – david banner


[chorus: magic]
now we can take a walk to my truck (but i ain’t got nuttin)
and i ain’t tryin to say you’re a duck (but i ain’t got nuttin)
and i ain’t tryin to say you’re a ho (but i ain’t got nuttin)
but b-tch i’m doin bad and i’m broke (b-tch i ain’t got nuttin)
i’m on the grind ho (yea!) i’m on the grind ho (yea!)
i’m on the gr-uh-gr-uh-gr-uh-gr-uh-grind ho (yea!)
and i ain’t payin for sh-t, i’m on the grind ho (yea!)
i’m on the grind ho (yea!) i’m on the grind ho (yea!)

[verse one: magic]
b-tches get a boot, i ain’t trickin all the loot
sick of lyin to them hoes, i’ma tell ’em all the truth
a brother doin bad, buy your own f-ckin drank
get yourself up in the club, stop reachin for my bank
i’m a miser, that mean i’m tight as a jew
so if you’re, lookin for love b-tch you know what to do
find a man, cause i ain’t givin nuttin but d-ck
if you insulted? grab your f-ckin p-ssy and split!
callin my phone, tryin to get in vip
i’ll get you in but my n-gg-z want some head for free
if you’re, wit it i’m wit it, if you’re not get-the-f-ck ho
thinkin a n-gg- get you treated like a buck ho


[verse two: david banner]
let me hold somethin banner – look you cain’t hold sh-t
n-gg- buy your own drink, stop beggin like a b-tch
get some motherf-ckin nuts, be a motherf-ckin man
y’all them same n-gg-z laughin when i step off in that van
bootlegger c-cksuckers in my face, you a fan ho
get up off my nuts and start your own f-ckin band ho
grab some f-ckin chalm sticks, get off of a n-gg- d-ck
even if you had a p-ssy b-tch i wouldn’t splurge trick
man i’m comin down hard, pullin p-ssy n-gg-z cards
if you don’t like it knuckle up and take it to the yard
dead but you won’t get a cent from me
but you can get a good -ss kickin for free, punk b-tch!


[verse three: lil’ boosie]
now when i step off in the club, all the bad girls scream
holla “boosie bad–ss, let me hit ya cup of lean”
told her no way, look like you be-fo’play
i hit you with this d-ck and i’m gon’ make you run like oj
now they got redbones, blackbones, horses, and stallions
but if you got that fire cat {?} boosie he ain’t gone
you want your bread fire really you can get it
but we linin like we dope and all my n-gg-z wanna hit it
i’m a fool in mississippi, i’m lovin the hype
everything i drop it they gon’ cop it like i’m tina & ike
i got a clique of real n-gg-z and we ready to fight
and we fo’ sho’ to hittin somethin at the telly tonight
i’m at the suites with two freaks, i’m slappin ’em on they cheeks
i’m hittin ’em from the back off a david banner beat
now i’m skeetin on the sheets, headed to another city
where we go and get some cat and we ain’t gotta pay a penny n-gg-