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lirik lagu the king of ashes – david knopfler


i’m the king of ashes
nothing from the flame survives
hands can turn the tides
i have been consumed

the road runs straight from tarsus
but i am mystified
i would you were by my side
these are mortal wounds
these are mortal wounds
yeah yeah

and they cannot hear my plea
they will not play my tunes
melodies in rented rooms
price for seein’ true

but i can’t court fashion
let me be who i am
far from savage lands
i will be renewed
i will be renewed
yeah yeah

the king of ashes
whoever’s by my side
across the great divide
marry, i’ll love you

the king of ashes
my heart is open wide
i pray you’re satisfied
and it’s all that i can do
it’s all that i can do
yeah yeah yeah