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lirik lagu the sound of a million dreams – david nail


[verse 1]
seger was singin’ words i could believe in
and “mainstreet” was my street that night
so i called up samantha and asked her the chance of
us runnin’ out neath the moon light
well shes not with me now, she can always be found
when i rewind the radio dial
and like it was then i feel her on my skin
and i’m back there for a while

so i labor for hours cuz’ i know the power
of a song when a song hits you right
poured my soul into stories of life
hopin’ someone will hear one tonight.

maybe my voice
will cut through the noise
and stir up an old memory
and out of these piano keys
comes the sound
the sound of a million dreams

[verse 2]
my 18th summer i was a c-cky up and come’er
crankin’ up “born to run”
turn left out the drive with the pistons open wide
and i came back a prodigal son

my spirit was broken, she threw the door open
i love you not i told you so
when i hear momma tried i still break down and cry
and pull to the side of the road

[chorus x2]



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