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lirik lagu 48h – david & the citizens


when we wake in the morning we will take the bus
and go down to the city from the house
on top of this man-make mountain, this hollow hill
from the mountain and down to the city where everything stands still

two little hands grabbing for two big ones
leading a safe way through the noice and alarm
and the cars and the boats and the fumes in my nose
and the city is pulling the blood out of me

’cause i never really had you
no, i never really had you

so we go down in the tunnel and up on the other side
the leaf and the face and the laughing seagulls
and i don’t want to let you go, i don’t want to let you go
but soon i will have to ’cause we’re almost there
just a few more blocks then this good thing stops
and i’ll wave you off…

’cause i never really had you
no, i never really had you

and it’s easy to see when you’re safe in a distance
it’s easy to speak when you can’t feel anything
and somebody’s got to take the blame
and i blame myself every single day
for having you, and losing you
but all this time you were always on my mind

and the city is big – much too big
and the weekend is short – much too short
i wanted to show you everything
but the distance is f-cking it up
the weekend has come to a stop
our 48 hours are up

look at the millionaire taking a limo
slipping a 500 bill to the doorman
american f-ck-up you should give it to me
i wounld spend it better i would do something pretty
i would buy some time, just an hour or two
let the kids take the later train home instead
but everything around rushing through my head, rushing through my head…

-cause i never really had you
no, i never really had you…

so i go out from the station and back to the hill
into the apartment, am i breathing still?