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lirik lagu l’iride – davide arneodo


fleeting rainbow
light, sweet illusion
optical illusion

drops of water…
a drop reflects a ray
and refracts a ray

ambiguous, perfect shape
by the sun
by the storm…
their union.
indefinite figure
between good
and evil…
their clash.

precious, frail chance
colour all the sp-ce,
monochrome sp-ce

outline new shapes…


iris in eyes
mirror of the mind
jewel of face

pigments blending
light blue, yellow, brown
shining or dull

the rays paint the eyes
in the centre
the dark point
is concealed.
the rays adorn the gaze
it’s so deep
it’s so full…
i get lost.

rainbow, iris
and your eyes shine,
more than before

weeping and rain
salty and sweet water…
drops full of life.