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lirik lagu no more – dawn jay


“no more”

rain drops keep falling
like tears in my eyes
your lies keep on haunting
my dreams through the night
those nightmares keep creeping
of you sleeping behind
my back with another guy

i can’t really imagine
how could this be true
we’ve been with each other
not one year but two
surrendered my soul and my life
at your shoes
coz’ i loved you so true

[pre chorus:]
you played with two lives
played with mine and with his
you said you’ll be mine but you lied with a kiss
won’t hate but no love coz your love’s like abyss

i ain’t gonna fall there no more
i ain’t gonna fall for you for sure
you’re an angel with pitch fork and h-rns
i ain’t gonna love you no more

they keep on telling
you ain’t worth the pain
all this time till today
you’ve been playing a game
i am just confused and lost
if i should love you or hate
i know it’s never gonna be the same

[repeat pre-chorus & chorus]

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