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lirik lagu one night only – day26



c’mon girl
why you actin’ all shy
like you ain’t never done that before
are you wit’ it

lovin’ the way
you fit in them jeans
you’re lookin’ at me
you’re ready
i can tell by the way
you’re lickin’ your lips
and switchin’ your thighs
you’re ready

would i be outta line
to cut to the chase
say what’s on my mine
or should i just wait
i’m thinkin’ i should tell’er
chances is she’s probably gonna be down for whatever

and we’re gonna have a one night stand tonight
me and you
one night only
one night only
you ain’t gotta tell n-body
i won’t tell n-body
i’m gonna touch your body body tonight
one night stand tonight
me and you one
night only
one [x5]

if ya say it’s okay
i’m ready to play
you already know
i’m ready
i’ll be home by ten
can you make it by then
you better be

girl whatever the time
you’re gonna get it
’cause you’ve been on my mind
ever since we met
and i’m so glad you’re wit’ it
because alot of other girls
be down
but just won’t admit it


i need a bad girl
a girl that aint afraid
to be a freak in the sheets
bring me own on my knees
i need a bad girl
i’m lookin’ for the shawty
to come home wit’ me
that’s just willin’ to please
i said
i said

i want it
i need it
i love it
gotta have it

girl all we need is