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lirik lagu 1967 – dayglo abortions


it doesn’t matter
i’ve got a library
i’ve got a swimmimg pool
i drive the lamborghini
dad drives the cadillac
mom’s got an mg
i don’t have a job
i don’t go to school
i just sit at home
i don’t have to worry
they have lots of money
they won’t let me starve
in 1967 things weren’t this good
my daddy was a hippie
now he’s a head of state
i don’t have no peers
i don’t know no queers
it doesn’t bother me
i don’t get in fights
when i go out at night
coz my chauffeur is a killer
i don’t have to look
when i want a f-ck
i just spend some money
i get more allowance
than you f-cking middle cl-ss b-ms will ever see