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lirik lagu mr. peanut vs kirby dcorerapbattles – dcorerapbattles


mr. peanut:
back again, after hearing all you’re nonsense
i’m mr. peanut, the one and only cool men
this pink bubblegum always had me down you
time to pop you with a needle, watch you go poof
i got style, you cannot run without feet, so dull
if you actually have no feet, you can only move with roll
i’m telling you, just do not go move, you know i have the groove
you’re a cow “moo”, do what i wan’t you to do, you pink poo, p u
after hearing about you’re series, i didn’t think i mean it’s cool
you never do math so i think it’s time that i get you schooled
call me the magic peanut that always has to be a breeze
i’m an ad person, and all you’re games are tooooo easy
hi! this is a food for kids too enjoy?
you don’t need to be this way, so move out of here boi
listen you, i go on quests to beat them enemies that are uncool
this too, i don’t need to be schooled by this fool
i got the ability to suck you up i know you don’t think it’s sick
i wouldn’t gobble you up because you would get me all allergic
maybe i can fix that with some needed steps
now let me take out my 4 step list and then i know when to check
step 1: grab this sore loser and then make sure to give a bust
step 2: make sure to get rid of all the peanut dust
step 3: his snacks needs to get rid of all the crust
step 4: get an item and then beat him if i must

mr. peanut:
after that pathetic verse now i’ll show you real pain
i’ll wack you so hard with my walking cane
you do not wan’t to go on this pain train
suck up enemies and eat them alive, you’re insane
i can sharp you up maybe you don’t need more with this
i’m mr. peanut, i don’t care when i drop a hard diss
go on sports, it’s not like you can skate
your game is the most thing i extremely hate
maybe you can go run, before i’m all done
maybe scoop you off, i’ll have fun
i got alot of peanuts that you can consume inside of you’re mouth
next, i’ll make sure to leave you beaten and then quickly throw you away in the sewer now
you call that a flow? you are a stupid foe
just go home, i don’t need to see you in my dome
i don’t need to give you a heartbeat and make you cry
eating you will make me game over, you made me die
lighting up you’re package, you don’t care about anything
you just wan’t to entertain, i can eat almost everything
i can just sharp you up with my punch and smack you hard
if this was a gaming video, i would add a 2nd part
maybe this’ll be a success if i break you into pieces
after looking at you, i rather eat some reeses
now it is time to leave out the last diss
you say you’re for kids but you get almost all of them allergic